Alton School


The Alton is an inclusive community school, next to Richmond Park. We offer our children a wide array of fantastic, vibrant and diverse opportunities.


The school currently has no vacancies but if you would like to register your interest in working at the school below please complete the application form to register your interest and we will keep your details on file.

Open Days : First Tuesday of Every Month. Please call Mrs Gibbs to Book your Visit

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The Alton is a Rights Respecting School

We are a Rights Respecting School. We teach children about their rights and the responsibilities they have towards each other.

RRS article of the week: RRS Article 24: Every child has the right to information as long as it doesn't harm them.

This week's achievements

11th November 2019 Achievement Assembly

Excellent Learner :- Louisa ( N) Aiza ( R) Aiza (Y1), Max (Y2), Edouardo (Y3), Yasmin (Y4),Safa (Y5),Wamda (Y6) Noor ( RB)

Writer of the week :- Mia (N) Radin (Y1), Abdurahman (Y2), Russel (Y3), Wahib (Y4), Valentina (Y5),Adam (Y6), Mark ( RB)

Maths Award :- Natalia ( N) Salik (Y1), Cara Rae (Y2), Taylor(Y3), Laith (Y4), Haseeb (Y5), Haruun (Y6), Jack (RB)

Reader of the week :- Year RB Diam
Kindness cup :- , Angelina for always being kind to whoever she works with.
Best assembly class :- Year 1
Best attendance :- Y4 & RB2 100%
Top table :- Sophia Year N

Excellent Learners

We have introduced an Excellent Learner Scheme.  Students at our school strive to use excellent learner qualities throughout the curriculum and are praised when they use a specific quality. Students understand what it takes to be an excellent learner and think about using excellent learner skills in each lesson.  They have found this empowering and it has had an impact on their attitude towards learning and striving to succeed.

This weeks Excellent learner quality is:- Can learn by themselves


Download this week's homework for each year group on our Homework page.


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Our Curriculum

We want our children to love learning and enjoy school. We spend time and energy ensuring our curriculum is exciting, well planned and well resourced, with high quality learning and teaching.


Visits to the school by any interested parents are always welcomed, please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Our Vision

To create a joy of learning in ambitious and aspirational pupils who continue to pursue personal excellence throughout their lives, become citizens who contribute successfully to their community and to society. 

Our Mission

To provide an inclusive, safe and purposeful learning environment which nurtures and challenges all. To provide an enriched and stimulating curriculum that enables learners to become valued and responsible members of our community.