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The Alton is part of the Quality First Education Trust, a primary multi academy trust (MAT). The name reflects our strong belief in high quality teaching. 

A MAT is a single entity which has responsibility for a number of schools. This is a formal partnership arrangement which is increasingly encouraged by the government.

The Trust is accountable for the performance and governance of each school in the group. The schools receive most of their funding through the Trust, and all staff across the schools are employed by the Trust.

Details of the Quality First Education Trust (Q1E)
Registered company number: 07768645
Registered address: Belleville Primary School, Belleville Road, London SW11 6PR
Information about the Trust, including its annual report, its trustees and the other schools that are part of the group, can be found on the Q1E website at

Working together

The Trust follows the principle of "united and unique": where it makes sense, we will work together as a group of schools, but each school will keep its own distinctive ethos and approach.

Generally acknowledged benefits of being part of a multi academy trust include:

  • sharing expertise and ideas, to improve our provision for our children
  • supporting and challenging each other, and reducing isolation 
  • more career opportunities for talented staff, improving recruitment and retention
  • potential financial savings (e.g. through bulk purchasing, shared services and increased efficiency).

There is more about MAT academies on the DfE website at